Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fraud Transaction Axis Bank VISA Cr. Card No. 4XXX- 5600- XXXX- 5553



Subject  :  Fraud Transaction Axis Bank VISA Cr. Card No. 4XXX- 5600- XXXX- 5553

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you regarding some fraudulent transaction made against my Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card (4XXX- 5600- XXXX- 5553).
On 29.03.16, I received a text from   customer care on my personal no. 7566822858 at around 08:30 P.M
that your request for INR 7005.23 spent on Transaction VISA Cr. Card No. 4XXX- 5600- XXXX- 5553 on 29 March
16 at FSPRG COM 1877 327  has been processed successfully through communication ID 1877 327  , I was shocked because I have NOT  paid any Bill.

In the evening I called Axis Bank customer care from my office no. 0731 4044650, I asked reason for Payment services. The executive told me Sir you have reported complaint for Fraud  so we barred your Card no. It was shocking for me because I haven’t made any Payments.

This is really disappointing, I am using Axis Bank Credit from a long time. This leads really bad effect of Axis Bank card on me and all customers of Axis Bank.

All the transactions are something IT related so it can easily track. I want detail of each transaction..who has done and from where this fraud happen ??

Kindly resolve my issue and on TOP most priority.

Yours Faithfully

Capt C S Gupta
Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to Axis Bank Customer Service.

We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 29-03-2016 . We shall respond to you within 1 working day.

Request you to quote the reference number 12227781  for all future interactions related to this particular issue.

Kindly note that this is an auto-generated acknowledgement, hence please do not reply to this email.

Customer Service
Axis Bank

Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to Axis Bank Customer Service.

We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 29-03-2016 . We shall respond to you within 1 working day.

Request you to quote the reference number 12227712  for all future interactions related to this particular issue.

Kindly note that this is an auto-generated acknowledgement, hence please do not reply to this email.

Customer Service
Axis Bank

Fraud And Cheaters of India



Sunday, 5 July 2015

Alexia de Santose a Big Scammer and Cheater on Skype n facebook

Well this scam happened to me yesterday. you would think people would learn ha ha, I have seen posts on here date back to 2015 regarding this if even 1 out of 10 people scammed paid the money (i would imagine this number would be higher than just one though) multiplyed but the amount of scams they can execute in 1 day over a 2 and a half year period. these guys will be quite well off.

anyway my story started on a Fscebook website. someone mailed me after liking my profile and what i was kind of taken back because she was very pretty (obviously fake). so after a little conversation she asked for my facebook acount which i stupidly gave her, however the other stories i have read all say that they were added on facebook where as i was not. anyway there was a video call made and it got...lets say fruity lol. after around 5 mins or so the call was ended and a video of myself...being fruity was on screen andi glanced to see that it was getting sent over facebook. i instantly pooped my pants and slammed the laptop closed contemplating my options i went to my mothers laptop and checked. happy days nothing is there. i return to my laptop to find they are still conversing with me.

like i said at the start we were never friends on facebook but this is exactly what was said to me. 
"I just sent your video has (name removed but it was my mother) and I'll send it has all your other friends now, I swear I'll rot you life with this video and do not think that you got me your facebook personal you wrong you I have all your friends list and I am even friends with some of your contacts" as i stay with my mother i then went back to the computer to check and there was nothing there. obviously scare tactic and he probably didnt know we lived in the same house. so this made me think how he actually got the contacts because my facebook is private.

anyway he [ She ]  demanded 2000 euros so i asked him if he was daft that amount of money cant be raised in one day plus it is 10pm here everything is shut. so he very kindy gave me till 9am this morning, it is now 10:45 and i have heard nothing. after watching a youtube video and reading on here i am going to do absolutle nothing about this. as i said before i have read posts on this site dating back to 2012 on this same scam. if the video had been leaked there would be something about it in that period from then to now.

I am also led to believe that if the video is released that is exactly how they would get traced and caught. i really dont think they would ruin a very successful and lucrative scam. the number of people that will instantly pay this will massivly out weigh the people who wont pay.

what i have done is change every password i had, reported the scammer to skype. reported the video to youtube telling them i want it removed as it is being used against mein a blackmail scam and the video was labeld "my name perverse masterbating infront of 8yo child" i tols youtube that is this video surfaced it would undoubtably have severe concequences. i refreshed the page and it was gone. on facebook i have changed my actual name to something different. changed alot of privicy settings to only me. made my friends list available to only me the final thing i am doing right now is making a file of all the screen shots, pictures and everything else and sending it to interpol. i understand telling people to go to your local police station, if they have any their powers to get anythingdone will be very low. as this is an international crime it should be interpol that is notified documenting the information they gave you of where to send the money.

my scammers name is -  Alexia de Santose

I hope that this post will put some peoples mind at rest a little. i suppose its still early days yet but I am confident that nothing will come of it.

See how it gose : 


3 hours ago

how are you ?
i m good
h r u doing ?

great thanx

and you
me too good
what do u do Alessia

a imsudent

ohh wow

yu ?

u r frm which country ?


is done


smile emoticon


are you on skype now ?
giv me a call

m with some pilots now

go to bathroom

you there

so what now

so what now you want delete it or i stare publich it

delete it

if you want delete your video you have to do what i say
what ?

or yu now i send yur video to all your freinds

and you know if i do this what will happen

so what now

Robin Bob

[8:43:15 AM] *** alexia de santose would like to add you on Skype

Hi Robin Bob, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
[8:43:25 AM] *** Robin Bob has shared contact details with alexia desantose. ***
[8:43:32 AM] *** Call to alexia desantose ***
[8:44:52 AM] alexia desantose: hey
[8:50:27 AM] Robin Bob: hello
[8:51:27 AM] alexia desantose: wait momnt
[8:56:36 AM] *** Call from alexia desantose ***
[8:57:22 AM] *** Call ended, duration 00:46 ***
[8:57:26 AM] alexia desantose: bb
[8:57:37 AM] alexia desantose: there is no voice
[8:57:55 AM] Robin Bob: will try later on dear
[8:58:01 AM] Robin Bob: m at home now
[8:58:16 AM] Robin Bob: do u use whatsApp ?
[8:58:20 AM] alexia desantose: no
[8:58:30 AM] alexia desantose: you nw you look is very handsom
[8:58:38 AM] alexia desantose: wanna have some fun ?
[8:58:51 AM] Robin Bob: ohh sure
[8:58:58 AM] alexia desantose: oki call me
[8:59:02 AM] Robin Bob: u too looks gr8
[8:59:08 AM] Robin Bob: not for now
[8:59:08 AM] alexia desantose: thanx
[8:59:15 AM] alexia desantose: im so hot now
[8:59:32 AM] alexia desantose: if you want play now is oki if you not is forevr
[8:59:58 AM] Robin Bob: :(
[9:00:08 AM] alexia desantose: so
[9:00:21 AM] alexia desantose: show me just your dick and i will show you what you want
[9:00:34 AM] alexia desantose: for 6 sec and then you see me naked
[9:02:08 AM] *** Missed call from alexia desantose. ***
[9:02:33 AM] *** Call from alexia desantose ***
[9:02:56 AM] alexia desantose: show me your dick bb
[9:04:28 AM] alexia desantose: so im waiting*$
[9:05:11 AM] alexia desantose: !!!!
[9:05:25 AM] alexia desantose: so im waiting
[9:05:30 AM] alexia desantose: you want or not
[9:05:31 AM] alexia desantose: ?
[9:05:35 AM] Robin Bob: yup
[9:05:39 AM] Robin Bob: 5 mins
[9:06:08 AM] alexia desantose: call me
[9:06:56 AM] alexia desantose: ??
[9:07:43 AM] *** Call to alexia desantose ***
[9:08:08 AM] alexia desantose: show me your dick now
[9:08:18 AM] Robin Bob: y no voice ?
[9:08:24 AM] alexia desantose: no
[9:08:43 AM] alexia desantose: show it mor
[9:09:16 AM] alexia desantose: show me your dick and yur ass bb
[9:09:43 AM] alexia desantose: com on show me bb
[9:09:46 AM] alexia desantose: im so hoot
[9:09:50 AM] alexia desantose: i want see
[9:10:32 AM] Robin Bob: cant see
[9:10:39 AM] Robin Bob: not clear
[9:10:42 AM] alexia desantose: oki
[9:10:51 AM] alexia desantose: wait i rebot my comptre and i call you
[9:10:53 AM] alexia desantose: oki 
[9:11:11 AM] alexia desantose: thanx to you
[9:11:15 AM] alexia desantose: wait moment
[9:11:17 AM] *** Call ended, duration 03:24 ***
[9:16:37 AM] alexia desantose: hey
[9:16:39 AM] alexia desantose: im here
[9:17:43 AM] Robin Bob: call me darling
[9:18:23 AM] *** Call from alexia desantose ***
[9:18:40 AM] alexia desantose: do you see me now
[9:18:57 AM] alexia desantose: ???
[9:19:52 AM] Robin Bob: hey
[9:19:55 AM] Robin Bob: cant see ya
[9:19:58 AM] alexia desantose: look man i have your video musturbation and i have yur lists freinds and familly on facebook .
now i can send your video to all of them and you know if i do this what will happen to your life
now if you want delete your video you have to do what i say or i will share your video 
with your freinds andyour familly

[9:20:04 AM] alexia desantose: this is your familly :

Sunday, 31 May 2015

RBI Fake mail Complaints

All Fake Please Dont Reply :(

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Office News <ikram@iiserb.ac.in>
Date: Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 4:41 AM

Reserve Bank Of India write to your notice regarding your UNCLAIMS LOTTERY FUNDS Of 500,000.00GPB=4,96.82,563.55 INR,From United Kingdom is still pending with the Reserve bank Of India, DR.Raghuram  Rajan from the Reserve bank Of India has requested the bank to complete your transfer to your bank account as possible.

This Email is to inform you about your 500,000,00 GBP will be transfer to your bank account name, as it was committed to (RBI) Governor  that the rightful Owner will pay for conversion and transfer fees only, So you are therefore required to pay (Rs 15,500 INR)

Payment  File : RBI/ID1033/09 Payment amount of 500,000.00 great British Pounds for the crediting of your account to you as soon as possible you make the payment of your funds will be transfer to your bank account same day, Provide Your Bank Account Details for Transfer.
Fill in your Application form below: 1.Full Name: 2. Mobile Number: 3.Occupation: 4.Age:5.Nationality: 6.Email.7: Account Holders Names: 8. Bank Name: 9.Bank Branch: 
Account Number: 10.Country:.11.Marital Status: .Sex:

Contact Reserve Bank Of India Email For Details  .. (rb@3mail.ie)

You have to keep all information away from the general public for security reason...... Name of diplomat  In charge of your Winning amount Sir Charles Brown (+917838285359).

Dr Ranghuram Rajan

Reserve Bank of India Governor.

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